About Health Leaders Academy

“Health Leaders Academy is committed to creating a dominant international
culture of preventative health and personal responsibility by supporting and
empowering private health practitioners towards leadership, purpose and prosperity.”

It’s no great secret that most natural therapies practitioners create some profound and often life-changing long term health outcomes for their patients and clients.

Simply by proactively addressing the causes of disease as well as symptoms, natural therapists have saved their clients the pain, discomfort, financial burden and personal loss of many common chronic conditions.

And yet, preventable chronic disease is both widespread and on the rise every year in Western societies. Which begs the question, if it’s relatively simple to prevent from a natural health perspective, why does preventable chronic disease continue to exist in our culture?

The stance that Health Leaders Academy takes on this is simple. Natural health practitioners have the solutions, and yet for some reason our society in general isn’t listening.

Why not? Well, on a macro level there are many reasons, but in our view it comes down to the individual practitioner’s ability to take a leadership position within their own community, their own practice, with each and every individual patient.

Leadership in the sense of speaking the truth about a client’s long term health prospects and what is required to change them, regardless of the perceived reaction or any judgments about the investment of time or money required.

Leadership in the sense of having the courage and confidence to effectively market their services properly, so that the community can not only hear the practitioner’s message effectively, but also have the opportunity to locate, select and engage them.

Leadership that recognizes society generally sees things from a materialistic viewpoint– and that for a health practitioner’s voice to be credibly heard, that practitioner must be coming from a place of financial security and abundance, and have a healthy balance sheet as well as a healthy outlook on money.

Leadership that embraces the concept that no matter how much people “should” do something to fix their health, it is only those practitioners who lead by a balanced example who can truly inspire others to change.

Leadership that recognizes the need for practitioners to get over their own insecurities about making money, marketing themselves, “being noticed” by the mainstream, or even their own ability to run a successful practice… because they understand that society needs them out there on the frontline of preventative health, and they have a responsibility to create sustainable, successful health practices to service that need.

The truth is, the most talented, educated and successful healer or therapist has their hands tied in the fight against preventable disease unless they have a successful business and financial foundation to back them up!

This is where Health Leaders Academy steps in to provide business training, marketing skills, wealth mindset coaching and personal support to passionate natural health practitioners everywhere, to enable and empower them to become prosperous, purposeful health leaders in our society.

Health Leaders Academy – Where Passion For Practice Meets Business Success.

About Adam Gibson

  • Adam Gibson – Founder of Health Leaders Academy and Strategic Coach To Global Leaders in Preventative Health
  • Author of the new book “What Every Natural Therapist Needs To Know About Business – A Blueprint for Private Practice in the 21st Century”
  • Has worked one on one with over 145 independent private health practitioners since 2006
  • Has spoken to over 1700 natural therapists and health practitioners in private workshops and webinars (online seminars)
  • Is known in the industry as the leading health practice business expert for creating a “paradigm shift” for natural therapists and their ability to value themselves and their services
  • Is known for creating an average increase of $250,000pa plus for established health practices, and a minimum of $50,000pa or more for smaller operators
  • Had over 17 years hands on experience as a business owner in the Health and Fitness Industry encompassing businesses such as:
    • Owner/operator of three large scale fitness centres
    • Wholesale sports supplement supplier
    • Managed numerous “in-house” natural therapies clinics
    • National sports event promotions (promtor of the Australian Powerlifting Championships and Co-promotor of Queensland bodybuilding titles
    • Sports supplements retail
    • Personal training
    • Professional Sports Event MC and guest speaker
    • Semi-professional full time natural (drug-free) bodybuilder, and winner of numerous titles including Jnr Mr Australia in 1992 and Qld U100Kg Powerlifting Title)
    • Freelance writer and contributor to the Australian Organic Journal
    • Marketing consultant to Diabetes Australia Queensland and winner of Fundraising Institute Australia award for innovation
  • Founded Health Leaders Academy in 2011 (formerly Lifestyle Practitioner Academy and Private Practice Marketing, and incorporating CPR Marketing)
  • Has a strong passion to inspire and enable leadership in natural health practitioners worldwide as a frontline offensive in the fight against the current preventable disease epidemic we now face
  • Adam is married with one beautiful baby girl, lives in Byron Bay, Australia and enjoys surfing, rowing surf boats, fine food, New Zealand wines, Japanese gardening, Italian sports cars, Swiss watches and British motorbikes


“Health Leaders Academy is committed
to creating a dominant international culture of
preventative health and personal responsibility by supporting and empowering private health practitioners towards leadership, purpose and prosperity.”

Our Coaches

bethBeth Bundy
Beth is a qualified Naturopath with over 15 years specialising in integrative and functional medicine.

Beth obtained her Bachelor of Health Science at the Southern School of Natural Therapies and lectured in both Nutrition and Food as Medicine for several years at the Australian College of Natural Medicine (now Endeavour College).

She has worked as Technical and Practitioner Consultant with one of Australia’s top functional pathology companies where she was mentored here and overseas by some of integrative and anti-ageing medicines foremost speakers.

She has operated her own business and is a Certified Health Leaders Academy Coach, who supports Naturopaths to grow their practice.

andrew1Dr. Andrew Powell
Andrew is a Chiropractor, Kinesiologist and author of the book “The Money Is In The Mindset- The 7 Subconscious Keys To A Profitable Practice”. He is also an accredited Health Leaders Academy Coach, a trained Demartini Facilitator and is certified in a number of healing modalities, including Applied Kinesiology (AK), Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) and The LifeLine Technique™. This depth and breadth of experience gives him a unique perspective when it comes to both treating patients and also to coaching practitioners to achieve their highest potential.

Andrew is the owner and director of a thriving practice- Hills Spinal Health natural wellness centre in Castle Hill, NSW. Over the past 12 years his clinic has developed a reputation for excellence and has helped thousands of patients to overcome their health challenges and live at their best by balancing their structure, their biochemistry and their emotions.

Andrew is also the developer of the Money Mindset Mastery Program, a unique system for clearing the subconscious blockages and limiting beliefs that hold people back from experiencing abundance in all areas of their lives. In particular he has specialised in applying this to health practitioners who wish to achieve greater prosperity in practice.

Andrew is a Certified Health Leaders Academy Coach, who supports Chiropractors & Kinesiologists to grow the practice they always dreamed of.

Somehow Andrew also finds time to be a keen snowboarder, rock climber and devoted father and family man.

alex02Dr Alex Perry
Alex is the founder and CEO of The Perry Centre, a Canberra based Traditional Chinese Medicine Practice focussed on female reproductive wellness and natural fertility.

Alex is a leading authority on the use of Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine for female reproductive wellness and his Patient to Parent Fertility Program has an 86% pregnancy success rate.

He was also part of a 12-month breakthrough acupuncture trial in the Emergency Department (ED) of a major Australian public hospital, treating critical care patients with Chinese medicine.

Alex is a Certified Health Leaders Academy Coach and has used his business knowledge to position The Perry Centre as one of Australia’s most respected female reproductive wellness clinics, whilst also implementing strategies that allow him to have more time off and increased profits.