Head Above the Parapet

Hostility and resistance will very likely be something you encounter to some degree once you put your head above the parapet and get noticed either publicly or professionally. Its one of the biggest fears that holds people back from really embracing their genius. What if I get attacked or criticised? What if I get ostracised […]

Future Dreaming?

For many years now, I have been banging the drum of “leadership” as it applies to natural health practitioners. I have long said that if our western world paradigm around natural/preventative health and personal responsibility is to shift, it will not come from the government, the pharmaceutical industry, nor the mainstream medical system. It will […]

The Problem with Men

I’m sure you have heard the complaints. The seemingly incessant, freewheeling conversation that goes on about men as a gender. “Men aren’t emotionally available” “Men are overly focused on work and career” “Men don’t have time for their families these days” “He doesn’t talk about his feelings” “He doesn’t look after himself properly” etc etc. […]

Manhood VS Work… And An Invitation For You

In his ground breaking book “Manhood”, author Steve Biddulph wrote about the problems men face around the issues of sex, fatherhood, marriage, friendship and life, and highlights some of the reasons that many men feel lost and frustrated in these areas. Turns out, a lot of it has to do with WORK. But not just […]

Why, How and Why Not?

Whilst coaching natural health practitioners in their business growth, a common pattern emerges which, if embraced fully, could lead to significant breakthroughs for you in your own practice. The good news is, its very simple and easy to apply. When most praccies start off in business, the main question they ask is How? How do I get […]

Firefighters and Natural Therapists Unite!

Do you know what dangerous natural instincts natural therapists should seem to share with firefighters, often at their own risk? Here’s a really quick story for you to find out: I went to a firefighter’s recruitment evening the other night in our local town. The Brigade Captain  talked myself and a dozen or so other potential new […]

On being coachable

I’ve had opportunity to reflect lately on what makes a coaching client successful vs one who absorbs a lot of my energy and time yet doesn’t quite get the results they appear capable of. I’ve coached a good few hundred business owners over the last eight years now, and thousands of clients in the fitness […]

Looking to Grow Your Natural Therapies Practice?

Here’s Your 7 Point “To Don’t” List That Could Save You a Lifetime of Heartache, Frustration and Regret: DON’T get caught up in thinking that more patients is the answer to all your problems. Just ask any practitioner who has been booked solid for more than a couple of years in a row and they […]