On being coachable

I’ve had opportunity to reflect lately on what makes a coaching client successful vs one who absorbs a lot of my energy and time yet doesn’t quite get the results they appear capable of. I’ve coached a good few hundred business owners over the last eight years now, and thousands of clients in the fitness […]

Looking to Grow Your Natural Therapies Practice?

Here’s Your 7 Point “To Don’t” List That Could Save You a Lifetime of Heartache, Frustration and Regret: DON’T get caught up in thinking that more patients is the answer to all your problems. Just ask any practitioner who has been booked solid for more than a couple of years in a row and they […]


What Harvard Business Review Says Will “Fix Health Care”

  Here is some important news for everyone involved in the natural health industry. According to the Harvard Business Review1, the days of “business as usual” are over for health providers worldwide. They say the current model for health service providers is now no longer valid nor functional, and is incapable of delivering the outcomes for […]

Is this the formula you should use to set your fees fairly?

Ever wondered if you are under-charging for your consult fees? Over-charging perhaps? Or do you feel you are worth more but are concerned about upsetting your regular patients or clients, or even scared of losing them altogether? In this short 2 minute video I explain how to access a unique formula that allows you to […]

Alex Perry

Alex Perry Blue Sky Clinic / The Perry Centre Canberra Most graduates of Traditional Chinese Medicine don’t practice, there are no jobs available. Alex is creating a business that employs TCM graduates and provides them with a career path He is an active leader in his profession, both by developing extraordinary health-based programs and by […]

Matt and Sharith Sippel

Matthew & Sharith Sippel Coast to Country Chiropractic Plainlands (QLD) Matt & Shari have had continued strong growth in their clinic despite their rural location and their area being devastated by flooding in the last couple of years In the last 12 months they have purchased a new premises, relocated their business and still grown […]

What to do when your patient says NO!

You know that sinking, horrible feeling. You have just delivered a fantastic first session to a patient. You have diagnosed their condition like Sherlock Holmes, empathised with them like Mother Teresa, and explained their necessary course of treatment better than Anthony Robbins could… And then they say No. “No thanks”… or “I want to think […]