How much should you charge as a natural therapist?

Are you worried about putting your fees up?

Scared of losing clients if you do?

Confused about how much to charge?

If you are anything like nearly every natural therapist I have ever met, then deciding on what your fees should be is one of the hardest questions you can ever ask yourself.

Here are some of the common concerns I hear:

“If I charge too much, I’ll never get enough clients”
“If I don’t charge enough, they might not appreciate me, or I could go broke”
“What about the people I know that can’t afford my fees… what will they do?”

And yet, it is so important that you get it right – both for your patients and for yourself as a practice owner.

So, where do you start? Well, I can tell you that one thing NOT to do is base your fees on the average of what other practitioners are charging… this is a recipe for mediocrity and struggle.

Soon, I’m running my “Natural Therapies Business Masterclass” webinar series for my inner circle members where I’m going to share one of my most important and powerful coaching strategies for health practitioners who are unsure if they are charging correctly.

I call it my “value exercise” and it will literally revolutionize your health practice, your lifestyle and your confidence as a practitioner… and your confidence in setting your fees.

You are invited to attend this online training as my guest.

Spaces are limited, but I have kept a limited number aside for the “fast action takers” on my mailing list, so if you want to feel confident and relaxed about charging what you are really worth as a practitioner from this point forward, your best bet is to grab yourself a spot pronto. We will also be covering a wide range of topics specific to the business of natural health practice.

To reserve your place, click here

I look forward to seeing you there!



PS. Please to grab your spot now, as spaces are limited. Click here to reserve your place

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